The Wait We Carry

Using Data to Tell the Stories of U.S. Veterans Waiting for Medical Assistance from the Government

This was a Periscopic project to visualize data collected from a survey of U.S. veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who received support from the Veterans' Administration for medical conditions stemming from their service. These conditions included bodily aches and pains, stress injuries, and physical and psychological injuries incurred in combat. Many veterans spent inordinate time waiting for the VA to process their requests for assistance.

Working from a design created at Periscopic, I was the front-end developer for this project, which included a video intro and a large amount of user-supplied data. This data was occasionally strange. The automatic video intro proved to be a challenge. This was the first project for which I used require.js to manage module and dependency loading, which expanded my understanding of object-oriented program architecture.