About Me

I'm currently working on a Master of Arts degree in Interaction Design at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) in Z├╝rich, Switzerland. My focus is on emergent systems, generative design, and graphics programming. My proficiencies include graphics-oriented programming in C++ and Rust, a strong command of Javascript and the whole of HTML5, including WebGL, and backend web development. I've done a lot of work implementing interesting visual designs and interfaces, and I pride myself on writing flexible, general, and readable code.

Before starting this program, I worked as an interactive developer, mostly for the web, at two small creative studios. Both studios, Interactive Things and Periscopic, have a special focus on designing and building intuitive data visualizations which help users explore interesting stories found in datasets. I have extensive experience building web-based data visualizations from my time at these studios.

In general, I'm interested in creative visual and interactive applications of technology, including graphics, data visualization, interactive visual art, and installations. I'm a mostly self-taught programmer, and my exploration interests include OpenGL, creative coding frameworks like Cinder, and strange geometries. You can find code for some of my projects on my Github page.